About Zenera


Founded in 1992 as Odyssey Software, Zenera began as a computer consulting firm specializing in high end clients in the design industry and DOD projects.

The great majority of private industry clients were focused on creating video and film production facilities to aid them in the nascent "desktop video" market. At the time this was a major technical hurdle requiring the integration of disparate systems from vendors such as Apple, Commodore, Cray, Silicon Graphics and Sun.

As time passed and multimedia became more commonplace the company received requests for training and production assistance.

From those humble beginnings Zenera has grown into a full digital studio.


Zenera provides complete production services, from concept to screen.

Zenera bases its production pipeline around Apple's Final Cut Studio and OS X. In addition we can provide CGI imagery which is generated with the Academy Award winning Lightwave 3D.

We tie it all together using Apple's Shake for digital compositing. Shake allows us to fit the pieces together, sometimes so well that the audience doesn't even know there is an effect happening.

Using all these technologies Zenera can offer post production for any project from DV acquired footage intended for Internet distribution, to HD video intended for theatrical release.